Long Term Rates

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Financial Considerations: Rates, Deposits and Fees(non-refundable and refundable), Methods of Payment.

Minimum stay required for extended stay rates: Minimum stay (5) days, Extended stays (7) days or longer receives once a week clothing laundered Free.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of check-in (no exceptions). Early cancellations once Guests have checked-in a full refund of balance or a credit voucher for future stays will be issued at JC Suites discretion.

Extended Rates: (up to 2 Guests) 

Daily Rate(minimum 5 days) 

$74.75 per day plus 9.9% lodging tax...Double Occupancy

Weekly Rate(minimum 7 days)1st Week $489.00* plus 9.9% lodging tax......$69.86 per day...(Save 25%)
 2nd Week$464.00* plus 9.9% lodging tax......$66.29 per day...(Save 29%) 
 3rd Week$439.00* plus 9.9% lodging tax......$62.71 per day...(Save 33%) 
 4th Week$419.00* plus 9.9% lodging tax......$59.85 per day...(Save 39%) 
Monthly Rate(28 days) $1489.00* plus 9.9% lodging tax......$53.17 per day...(Save 40%)
  *Double Occupancy ......Deduct $15.00 for single occupancy

Additional Guests will be charged at $8.00 per person per nightplus 9.9% lodging tax
Pets will be charged at $35.00 per week for one pet or $60.00 each per week for two pets.

Regular Rates(applies for eary check-out)$89.95 - $109.95 per day plus 9.9% lodging tax

These rates are exclusively for Studio Suites. 

Guests that would prefer a Bedroom Suite, weekly rates would add  $75.00 per week plus 9.9% lodging tax, monthly (28) days would add $250.00 plus 9.9% lodging tax.


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